The Journal of dazed.
BROKEDED COMPUTAR!!!11 11-14-08 16:46
My friend hit his computer, now the hard drive makes funny sounds. It just won't run Windows it seems like, new hard drive the only fix? Help please.
I love Robot Chicken, and most of [adult swim]. Definitely my favorite part of T.V. these days, and really all that I watch. So my last post was ridiculous, I was being drunk and stupid and thinking into things that weren't important. Now lately, I've been sober and ridiculous and fucked things up with this new girl I've been seeing. I was most definitely falling for her, but unfortunately age became a factor. I'm only 21, but she is just turning 19 in a month. Her mom had an issue with that because I'm able to buy alcohol. I understand her concerns, kind of, but I don't really see how a person can be that controlling of their child's life. It really blows my mind. Turns out mommy says, "No you can't date Jeff," so the girl listened to mommy and now I hurt on the inside. Suxorz for me, haha.
.. 09-04-08 04:31
Leavin'. 05-16-08 13:56
June 23rd = Turkey. Yes, the country by Greece. One whole month outta the country, yo.
Yo. 04-06-08 14:45
What's up guys? Been a whiiile.
04-29-07 22:36
Why are women completely out of their fucking mind one second and then not as out of their mind later?
04-25-07 12:29
SOTD: Swollen Members - Pressure

In about half an hour I'll be getting picked up by the recruiter and goin' down to MEPs for testing. Tomorrow is all the physical stuff to make sure I'm okay I guess, and I get to find out when I can get sent off to basic... In Illinois... Woo?
Liz, my phone broke I don't have your number.
04-22-07 21:41
I'm joining the Navy.
Null 04-11-07 23:04
It has been quite some time since I have gazed upon the glorious pages of elowel. I know there are people with worse problems, far worse even, but my life did turn into quite a rollercoaster of events. It didn't help being unprepared, foolish, ignorant, or headstrong. For once I have personal details that, unless asked about privately, will stay personal. I'm not sure what kind of image I exude, but the revealing of certain facts will most certainly bring out the, "Oh my God, I can't believe you" kind of reactions. Plus only a handful of y'all remember who "dazed," or Jeff, is. It's all good though. Whoever said, "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger," was right on the fuckin' money. I don't know exactly what I believe, but I do believe that things happen for a reason. I figure everything that happened made me a better person, or will in the future. I'm appreciative of so much more these days and do think I've grown into a better person, all around at least.

That was my rant for the evening, don't bore yourself with it.
Yes... 04-11-07 22:38
SOTD: Metallica - Master of Puppets

...crazy times, indeed. I'm going to school, just CCC for now. It's actually a better atmosphere for me, or at least for where I am. The teachers are more personable and all. I'm almost certain that I'll be getting a new job caregiving for this lady that I'm friends with. Is it unusual when nobody can get ahold of one person? This person being my new girlfriend... Her boss, mother, and myself haven't found out where she is. Hah.
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